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About Myself

My Mission is to be an educator and pathfinder in service to others. To be known as a compassionate medium, inspirational teacher, and uplifting motivator to the individual and spiritual community. 


Bee and Briar is about duality. About the light and the dark, the sweet and the hard, which all leads to a path of wholeness. For what is a bee without the sting or without the honey? What is a briar patch without a few thorns to reach the blackberries? By learning to see the duality of life, we can see the beauty of the sweetness and learn to appreciate the shadow side as well. 

My gifts began as a child. Seeing my grandfather in my bedroom as "see through" to tell me had had passed. I would often get feelings of something being wrong or seeing things that would then happen later. Learning how to use my gift has a been a life long lesson from Spirit. 

 I’ve been a professional holistic practitioner since 2016, and performed intuitive readings for clients for over 10 years.   After years of training with other like-minded experts, in not only Reiki, but energy healing, intuitive readings,  shamanic practices,  angel readings,  meditation and channeling; I’ve learned to share my experience through a combination of services and education. 

I believe in healing the mind, body, and soul in order to better connect not only with yourself, but with others as well. Thus creating a more balanced and grounded sense of self. I'm a passionate healer excited to awaken the healer that exists within each person. I am passionate about nature and practice sustainability in my craft. Teaching mindfulness and connection to nature is part of my passion.  Connecting clients to the earth, herbs, and trees brings me such joy!  I raise bees and visit residential facilities with my therapy dog Maggie. If you come for a reading, clearing or session, you'll get lots of love, if you're open to pups and enjoy fresh honey with divinely guided tea blends!

I am a certified Usui Reiki Master, born with gifts of mediumship  and a Shamanic Practitioner.

I look forward to working with you.



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