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Top Questions

We’re Here for You

How do I prepare for a reading?

First time? Leave your nervousness at the door! Each reading is done in the intention of bringing healing or joy, in a space of divine love. We will go at your pace to make sure you are comfortable. 

Bring a list of questions you would like answered and think of who you would like to connect to (human or pet). Bring their photos if you would like. Also, bring paper for notes as Spirit doesn't let me remember much of your session, as they are your messages. 

Before the session I sage and work with the Helping Compassionate Spirits to make sure we are warmed up for your arrival and all are protected. 

What will my first reiki session be like?

Reiki experiences differ for each person. You may feel the energy as warmth, coolness, a breeze or tingles. 

We can have the session seated or upon the Reiki table. Before the session, I'll go over a form with you to integrate items into your session that appeal to you. Some options are aromatherapy, sound bowls, lighting, and incense. The goal is a personalized experience that brings you balance and comfort. 

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