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Mar 23, 2024 - Mar 24, 2024

Introduction to Intuitive Mediumship

  • 2Days
  • 2Steps


Have you always been curious with the other side? Have you had unexplained feelings of déjà vu or memories from another time? Do you know what people will say before they say it? Do you see things from the corners of your eyes or feel a presence is with you? This class will help you to open and expand upon your gifts of intuition and spiritual “sight”. Sight is in any number of Clair forms, as listed below. We will discover your strongest clair and work to develop it further. In this class you will learn, what the clairs are, how to use recognize them and how to use them. You will learn important basics of intuition and how to reach beyond the veil with safety and integrity. You will learn how to incorporate your gift into your everyday life and rediscover who you are. Together, we will: *Lean basic spirit communication from symbolism of plants and animals to colors and so much more! *Learn how to use your chakras to understand and receive messages more deeply and clearly. *Learn how to recognize your ascended spirit cheerleaders. *Learn how to be in divine protection physically, emotionally and spiritually when connecting to the other side. *Learn how to discern the different layers of spirt- loved ones, guides, angels, ascended masters. Discuss different tools used to see more clearly: psychometry, scrying, pendulums etc. Have a gallery reading where each person will receive a short message from Melissa and we will all practice our newly developed skills. At the end of this class, you will receive a new openness and awareness to the world beyond. You will be more empowered and centered within yourself, knowing how to develop who you are in a deeper connection to the Divine. You will leave with handouts on symbolism, guides and other notes to refer too. Do not doubt if this class is for you. If you have searched and found this, the information is ready for you to receive it. You do not certifications or to be at a certain “level” to join us.

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