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Meet The Bees

From my earliest memories, my love of the outdoors has never waivered. 


Growing up, gardening was a way of life. Not one I always preferred, as weeding the huge gardens was never fun, but I value and treasure the knowledge of making my own gardens, canning, freezing and preserving fruits and vegetables. I know share the knowledge with others, helping to design gardens and teach the ways of garden preservation. 


Planting thousands of trees with grandpa allowed me to learn to appreciate the land and realize my role in sustainability.  I still enjoy planting trees and cultivating the forests. So much did I learn from him that I never stopped playing in the fields and forests. My love of the outdoor life led me from the plains of the Midwest to the oceans of Eleuthera and the mountains of the west and everything in-between as a wildlife professional. 


The forests are my refuge and the gardens are my solace. I forage, plant, and dwell in my hearts place of peace among the living things. 


But what would any of those things be without the bees?


My grandfather's grandfather was a beekeeper in WI. Grandpa tried it as well, but it didn't last long. He told me stories of helping his grandfather and how he could taste the honey and tell you exactly which hive it was from. With over 250 hives, that is an amazing feat! Honey tastes like the flowers and trees that are near. 


Now in my 4th year of beekeeping, I am expanding my apiary to 4 hives. I love the honey, but on the greater scale appreciate the role of bees  in the ecosystem as pollinators. There is a lot more to beekeeping than I ever imagined, but its worth it to do my part for the environment and the honey is an added bonus.

Bees also connect to my spiritual side. My name literally means honey bee. Bees were seen as sacred in Egyptian times as they were thought to go to the "other side" to collect the honey. They were seen as messengers to the gods. Hence, the tradition of telling the bees when someone has died. 

I'll continue to share my beekeeping adventures and gardening tips as well as my spiritual endeavors. There is usually honey for sale and always a bit to enjoy if you come for a session. 

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