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Angelic Channeling

I sat down to write tonight and this is what came forth. The words are here for all that need them. I am truly grateful to be a vessel for words to come forth. May the words bring you peace and understanding; for if you have found the words, they are meant for you.


"Why is it so hard for us to love ourselves with the same selflessness that we love others? The bible says to love thy neighbor as thy self. There is no commandment written to love who you are, for that is given. You should love yourself for the divine being that you are. You are more than the earthly shell that you inhabit. You are carrying the breath of God, the holy spirit. You were worth dying for, so that you might be saved. Sometimes it is us that we need the most saving from.

To love oneself, means to remove the barriers of sight that have been placed upon you by others. The words that you have pulled into your being like hooks and barbs. Accepting affirmations from words of pain that others lash out to you; you are not good enough, not pretty enough, not handsome enough, not thin enough, not big enough, not talkative enough, that you don’t smile enough, that you don’t do enough for everyone, that you do too much for others, that you never relax, that you never get enough done and on and on. You are more than enough. You are perfectly you when YOU love who you are without reservation, hesitation, or exception.

We ask you to destroy all the mirrors that the words of others have created upon your image. Picture them smashing into thousands upon thousands of pieces until they are no more than dust. Dust of silica that becomes sand before you. See yourself “naked” in the emotions of who others expect you to be, and instead focus on who do you want to be. Unfurl. Unravel and allow the unconditional love of God, of the universe, of the Divine that you believe in to grow from the seed deep within your core. With each breath, feel it pulsate throughout your being until you have tears of joy from the love you feel within yourself. For you are born of love and love flows easily through you. You are in touch with your emotions. You embrace who you are. You forgive yourself for who you have been knowing that you did as you could with the information you had at the time. Allow the tears to flow for all the love that you have denied yourself to clear away that which no longer serves you.

Rise up to be the most authentic version of yourself. Who are you? What do you love about yourself? What do you want for yourself? See yourself in the purity of that which created you so that you may find understanding, forgiveness of self, love, and compassion. For only when you truly have those feelings for yourself, can you pass them to others in purity of emotion.

You ARE worthy and deserving of Love!

You ARE worthy and deserving of Happiness!

You ARE worthy and deserving of Joy!

This life is a gift. There will be times it feels like a struggle. There are time of hopelessness, of self-doubt of betrayal. But after each of those lessons there is a deeper understanding of the depths to which your Spirt carries wisdom. Wisdom is a gift. You are never alone no matter what pattern or vibration you are in. The poem footprints… “it was then that he carried you…” You don’t have to wait to be picked up. Just ask and the angels will carry you. Things are always darkest before dawn. Hold on to faith in the divine. Hold onto the faith of yourself to see it through. Hold onto hope like a matchlight in the darkness, for there will be just reward.

You are loved. You are healed. You are whole.

Find your inner light and hold onto it. Write the things that you are passionate about, the things that bring you greatest joy so they may be your light when you forget your match. Allow the passion for your self to rise up, to shine and to make the difference in the world that we are all longing for. Change begins with one voice singing in harmony with all. To be in harmony is to be in a state of unconditional love. When we are in harmony, peace will come.

You radiate love. You radiate Joy. You radiate beauty. You radiate grace. You are a Diving being.

Go forth to love you as you are loved by God."



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